Maintenance and Website Review (per hour)


We give you the flexibility to decide when you require our help and how many need (you are welcome to call ahead and discuss it before purchasing your hours)

Routine website maintenance ensures that your site is working, not vulnerable to security threats and does not cause you an expensive headache.

As a client, we work with you to assess each month what is needed and will send you a quote you.  This allows for a pay as you go approach. Book a free consultation to plan your upcoming monthly maintenance.


Maintenance hours are required for:

  • Maintenance includes regular visits to the page to make sure that it is displaying properly
  • Content review
  • Product updates
  • Database files and other files can sometimes become corrupted or damaged; these would need to be repaired.
  • Other possible problems could include the site going offline due to too much traffic or an attack by hackers.
  • If the site contains details of prices, services or products that you offer, these would need to be updated to reflect any changes.
  • You also need to periodically check the links on your pages to ensure they’re not broken.